Sep 27

Dear Reader,
In round figures, the world’s postal adminstrations will deliver greater than 400 billion cards, letters, magazines and parcels this year. That’s more than one and a half billion pieces of mail delivered every day.
Mail is still large and is still relevant; it’s stuff you can touch and feel, and though it is under pressure it is still a big business.
This blog is here to look at all areas of mail, to shed light on opportunities, and provide information on a veritable postpourri of mail matters. This blog will also be an opportunity for me to learn more about the mail business from my readers; I welcome your comments.
I’ve been in the domestic and international mail business for more than 25 years, working for and with Postal Administrations, International Delivery Organizations and Mail Service Providers. The mail business is a constantly changing world, now more than ever because of:
-the touchy global financial situation
-climate change
-virtual competition
I look forward to blogging about the mail, and my next post will touch down on some basic green pointers.
Michael Hofmann