Oct 26

Dear Reader,

Last week I wrote about the physical component of greening your mail, envelope, paper stock, size, materials etc.

This week I would like you to carefully consider where and who your audience is.

A 3-5% response rate is considered very good for most direct mailings. Of course, that means that 95% of that mail is garbage, of no value at all to the person receiving it.

Direct Mail that doesn’t hit the target is junk mail.

So let’s review what we can do.

First of all, make sure that you have got the correct, accurate, validated, updated address for the recipient.Run your database through certified address correction software and national change of address software.

Eliminate any duplicates. Verify rental lists for recency of updates and complete accuracy/NCOA validation.

Take a hard look at your selection criteria, and choose only the most relevant prospects. You can turn junk mail into “treasure” mail by sending the right offer to the right person.

By following the above considerations, you will reduce waste, improve your numbers and make the world a little bit greener.


Michael Hofmann

Oct 19

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Oct 5

Dear Reader,

A few e-mail tales have come to my attention recently.

The first was a million name e-mail blast that drew a total of 8 orders…

The second was an e-mailing of 5000 well targetted solicitations that drew neery a response…

The third was an important newsletter that was only opened by 12% of the recipients.

E-mail is so plentiful, so screened and often surprisingly inefficacious.

Now, I’m not one to say the world is flat, but the point is there are flatlands on the planet and regular mail is much better for many applications: it is real, it gets seen, it gets read if you send it to the right people.

Not so for e-mail; many have just too much of it and don’t actually have time to read anything but the most important that gets onto the screen.

Keep all of that in mind when you are planning your next campaign. For your best prospects, it makes sense to send them something real.