Dec 6

Size Matters

Yes it does dear Reader. In many ways.
First of all, if you look at postage rates, you are charged more for large sizes, same weight, than for small sizes. Check with your PO to be sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.
From a Direct Mail perspective, you will make a larger impact with a larger sized mail piece. The trick is to go to the maximum size allowable at the lowest rate available.
A 6 x 9 envelope has 54 sq, inches of “real estate”; a #10 envelope has less than 40. That is definitely some extra room in which to state your case, front and back. More curb appeal, if you will…
Let’s face it, a lot of people, although they have to look at their mail, just look at the covers…they are judging your book by your cover. And deciding quickly - stay or go, open or toss…
Take advantage of that moment and that instant engagement; tease the offer, entice them with beauty, money, reward,right on the cover. Get them to go inside; that’s where the action is. Make that space work for you and grow your ROI.
Go big, or go home.

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