Jan 16

When I’m at the cottage, there are many wonderful elements to enjoy:

Fresh air, wildlife, the brilliant starscape and, the ineffable, beautiful silence.

To those of living in the city, the noise is endless and a serious impediment to a high quality of life.

Mail is silent – there are no sound distractions. You and your mail. Golden.

Remember to take advantage of this the next time you compose and mail out your mail piece.

You and your mail. Silence. Golden.


Nov 21

Dear Reader,

Ho Ho Ho!  For those that celebrate, Santa’s a coming (and for those that don’t, ’tis still the season for greetings): are You sending out cards this year?

If you do – personalized, I mean really sign the things; if you’ve got too many to sign, then they’re really not personal are they, so don’t bother with those that ain’t…

A little handwritten note alongside is nice as well.

Personal Christmas cards deliver a real touch from you to whomever, and we all know that it is the relationships that make the world go round and the cash registers sing.

Card with gift? Even better, although it is possible that the gift may outshine the message and you, so figure out how to tie it all back to you.

No gifts with that cards?  Great,  for it is truly the thought that counts, so make that thought count.

If we’re in the mail business, then there is no excuse for not sending out cards, everybody likes to get a nice card, and, why not send a card saying thank you at this special time of year.

And what kind of card? Well, you know your customer, so you should have two on hand, for those that do and those that don’t. If you are not sure, then you know which one to send, the all purpose politically correct version of course

Merry Christmas and/or  Season’s Greetings, it’s that time of year again!



Nov 2
Dear Reader,

The most common complaint that I hear from the Direct Mail community is that there is a dearth of names and lists out there; there’s no one to mail to?

Well, hello, this is where the virtual world really (chuckle) comes into play, because building a relevant database has never been easier, has never been cheaper. Many companies can easily do this on their own, using just their own site.

“We’ll send you something free in the mail, just fill this out!” There you go, your own database complete with privacy issues addressed, and with a request for your information. Does it get much better than that?
That’s what I’m talking about. There’s no reason why you can’t harness the power of your own web site to spin and build your own current and qualified database. A database that you can well use for mail of all ilk, and that can be the cornerstone for your successful database marketing and direct marketing efforts.

Build it, and your mail audience will come.


Oct 19

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